cConstructor Edit

This class is the constructor of all the features of this library.

Example: Edit

Option Explicit
Private New_c As New cConstructor, Cairo As cCairo
Private Sub Form_Load()
  Set Cairo = New_c.Cairo
  ' more code...
End Sub

Methods Edit

  • Function ArrayList(vType As VbVarType, ParamArray P() As Variant) As cArrayList
  • Function AudioCaptureClient() As cAudioCaptureClient
  • Function AudioRenderClient() As cAudioRenderClient
  • Function Cairo() As cCairo
  • Function cdeclCall(retType As enmRetType, pFunc As Long, ParamArray P() As Variant)
  • Function cdeclCallDirect(retType As enmRetType, pFunc As Long, pArgs As Long, ArgsByteCount As Long)
  • Sub CleanupRichClientDll()
  • Function ClipBoard() As cUniClipBoard
  • Function CodePageMapping() As cCodePageMapping
  • Function Collection([CompatibleToVBCollection As Boolean = True], [StringCompareMode As StringCompareModeEnum = 1], [UniqueKeys As Boolean = True], [Content]) As cCollection
  • Function Connection([DBFileName As String], [OpenMode As DBConnectionOpenMode], [EncrKey As String], [EnableNestedTransactions As Boolean = True]) As cConnection
  • Function ControlPoints() As cControlPoints
  • Function Converter([CaseInSensitiveTextColumns_ConformToJet As Boolean]) As cConverter
  • Function CreateInstanceUnk(ClsID As String, IID As String) As IUnknown
  • Function Crypt() As cCrypt
  • Function CSV() As cCSV
  • Function DataObjectFiles() As cDataObjectFiles
  • Function DataSource() As cDataSource
  • Function DC([DIB As cDIB], [DDB As cDDB]) As cDC
  • Function DDB([dx As Long], [dy As Long], [Picture As StdPicture], [PictureBytes]) As cDDB
  • Function DIB([dx As Long], [dy As Long], [Picture As StdPicture], [PictureBytes], [IconBytes], [UseIconDefaultSize As Boolean], [DesiredIconSize As Long]) As cDIB
  • Function Displays() As cDisplays
  • Function Downloads() As cDownloads
  • Function EnumerateOn(Parent As IEnumerable, Count As Long, [StartIdx As Long]) As IUnknown
  • Function EventCollection() As cEventCollection
  • Function Formula() As cFormula
  • Function FSO([CreateFreshInstance As Boolean]) As cFSO
  • Function GestureConfigList() As cGestureConfigList
  • Function GetCPUCoresCount() As Long
  • Function GetFuncPtr(LibNameOrFullPathOrHandle, FunctionName As String, [RaiseErrorIfNotFound As Boolean]) As Long
  • Function GetStringFromPointerW(WStrPtr As Long, [ExpectedMaxLen As Long = 4096]) As String
  • Function HPTimer() As Double
  • Function IsVistaPlus() As Boolean
  • Function IsWin7Plus() As Boolean
  • Function IsWin8Plus() As Boolean
  • Function IsXPPlus() As Boolean
  • Function JPG() As cJPG
  • Function JSONArray() As cCollection
  • Function JSONDecodeToCollection(strJSON As String, [ParserErrors As String], [StrictParsing As Boolean = True]) As cCollection
  • Function JSONDecodeToCollectionUTF8(UTF8Bytes() As Byte, [ParserErrors As String], [StrictParsing As Boolean = True]) As cCollection
  • Function JSONObject() As cCollection
  • Function KeyWatcher(VKeysCommaSeparated As String, [WatchAllAppWindows As Boolean], [WatchSystemWide As Boolean]) As cKeyWatcher
  • Sub MemCopy(pDst As Long, pSrc As Long, Bytes As Long)
  • Function MemDB() As cMemDB
  • Function MMDeviceEnumerator() As cMMDeviceEnumerator
  • Function MP3Resource() As cMP3Resource
  • Function OneShotTimer() As cOneShotTimer
  • Function OOEmbed([HostingContainerhWnd As Long], [DocFileName As String], [NewDocumentType As DocType = sWriter]) As cOOEmbed
  • Function PhysicsEngine() As cPhysicsEngine
  • Function Properties() As cProperties
  • Function Recordset([ActiveConnection As cConnection], [Content]) As cRecordset
  • Function RegFree() As cRegFree
  • Function ReportDocument([MMScaleFactor As Double = 1], [PageWidthInUserUnits As Double = 210], [PageHeightInUserUnits As Double = 297]) As cReportDocument
  • Function ReportPage([InitDrawMode As Boolean], [Landscape As Boolean]) As cReportPage
  • Function RPCConnection([Host As String], [Port As Long = 22222], [KeepAlive As Boolean = True], [ServerAuthentication As Boolean], [UserName As String], [PassWord As String]) As cRPCConnection
  • Function RPCListener([Host As String], [Port As Long = 22222], [ThreadPoolSize As Long = 8], [ForceAuthentication As Boolean], [AdminPassWord As String], [AllowedGroup As String], [RPCDllsFolder As String], [ReadIniValues As Boolean], [StartServer As Boolean], [DefaultBinaryPathForWebRequests As String], [ToCallBeforeAnyRPC As String]) As cRPCListener
  • Function ShellLink() As cShellLink
  • Function SimpleDOM([XMLSource As String], [FirstParamIsFileName As Boolean]) As cSimpleDOM
  • Function SimpleSax() As cSimpleSax
  • Function SMBScan() As cSMBScan
  • Function SortedDictionary([StringCompareMode As StringCompareModeEnum], [UniqueKeys As Boolean = True]) As cSortedDictionary
  • Function stdCall(retType As enmRetType, pFunc As Long, ParamArray P() As Variant)
  • Function stdCallDirect(retType As enmRetType, pFunc As Long, pArgs As Long, ArgsByteCount As Long)
  • Function Stream() As cStream
  • Function StringBuilder() As cStringBuilder
  • Function StringCompare() As cStringCompare
  • Function SubClass() As cSubClass
  • Function SVG() As cSVG
  • Function TCPClient() As cTCPClient
  • Function TCPServer([StartListening As Boolean], [Host As String], [Port As Long], [BufferSize As Long = 65536], [MaxConnections As Long = 1024]) As cTCPServer
  • Function TDD([TestClass As Object], [TestMethod As String]) As cTDD
  • Function Timer([Interval As Long], [Enabled As Boolean], [Tag]) As cTimer
  • Function Timing([Start As Boolean]) As String
  • Function UDP() As cUDP
  • Function vtblCall(retType As VbVarType, punk As Long, vtblIdx As Long, ParamArray P() As Variant)
  • Function WebArchive([FileNameOrByteArrayToRead]) As cWebArchive
  • Function WebKit([InititializeWithPath As Boolean], [WebKitDllPath As String]) As cWebKit
  • Function WebServer() As cWebServer

Properties Edit

  • Property ToStr(Text As String) As String

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